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The original since 2007

Visit Zagreb - Segway City Tour Zagreb - three people on segwaya at St. Mark's Square

Segway City Tour Zagreb

The unique sightseeing experience

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Zagreb All Around Tour - people on segway near Mimara museum

Zagreb All Around Tour

All about Downtown and Uppertown in 120 minutes

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Zagreb Leisure Tour - people drive a segway at Mirogoj

Zagreb Leisure Tour

The extended 180' service – Uppertown, Downtown and Mirogoj

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Zagreb Walk'n'Talk - statue of king Tomislav

Zagreb Walk'n'Talk Tour

The classic 2 ½ hours walking introduction to Zagreb

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Segway Basic Ride - people practice driving a segway at Zrinjevac park

Segway Basic Ride

Practice segway now, learn history next time

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Essential Zagreb

Green Horseshoe and the Uppertown

Top ranked service

A sightseeing experience to remember

Private groups

Up to 8 riders hosted by a local guide

Zagreb Tours in the most original way - the Segway way!

Get to know the rich history of Zagreb in individual groups by visiting all important and popular locations. See more in less time. Learn Segway riding technique in few minutes, have fun as we ride along the sidewalks and through the parks of Croatian capital.
We would be happy if our Zagreb Tour is a part of your Croatian holidays in which you can create unforgettable memories that you will cherish with family and friends long after your vacation.
On our Zagreb Tours we will share with you the best the city can offer from its history and culture, atmosphere and everyday life. Isn’t that what the journeys are all about?

The first original tour in croatia

Touring without fun is not so exciting, therefore since 2007 Segway City Tour Zagreb has kept adding lots of fun (and some education) to give you an experience out of the standard sightseeing. You will see more in less time, effortlesly gliding on Segway personal transporter, as we ride on the sidewalks and through the parks of our capital. And your Segway guides will also suggest things to do and see during your Zagreb stay.
Whether you are a group of friends on a weekend break, a family on a vacation or colleagues at a business event, we invite you to join us. Visit Zagreb historical center in the most original way - the Segway way!
Besides the global pandemic this March, Zagreb was also hit by an earthquake. Although weaker than the one in 1880 which devastated our city, it left scars all around town and reminded us again of the fragility of our world.
This is yet one more reason to respect our beautiful heritage, to tell our story, to keep bringing smiles and give you a reason to visit Zagreb again.



Beautiful day, beautiful ZAGREB, beautiful experience. The trip was awesome , we saw many interesting places and had a great ride with the guide who gave us many exciting info. Great trip, Thank you!

Alison B


My mom and I did this segway tour while we were in Zagreb. We covered a lot of ground in a quick and fun way and learned a lot. I had never ridden a segway before, and I didn't know what to expect, but our guide was a great teacher and it was a blast. Highly recommend.

drfaiza009 Jeddah


Exciting, fantastic , you will be strong & more concentrating & smart decisions. Please dont miss ride it



Tons of fun to learn about Zagreb on a Segway. Guide was very well read on Croatian history and little treats along the way added a personal touch.

CharliebSydney France


We are a family of 5. Arrived in Zagreb for just one night in aboout 34degrees. Did not feel like walking in the heat, however wanted to see the city. We booked the Segway tour on the day of our arrival for the same day.

vivizhang91 Shanghai


It was great fun to have the city tour with Segway, much better than walking. Our tour guide Ana is very nice and gave us detailed introduction of the city and helpful advice as well. I personally highly recommend this experience and will recommend it to my friends.

jkarnani Mumbai, India


We took the really long one. Would not advise that as it gets long and takes a toll on your back and feet - you have to stand for all the time. So if you take the medium length one it is great.

99KathrynM Minneapolis


This was such a great tour! You will really learn a lot about the city and cover much more than you could in a walking tour. Our guide was superb and scheduling is so easy! We were provided photos of our trip- an added bonus.

guyhporter Brighton, UK


I know Zagreb quite well as I have worked there for a while. I decided to take the tour as I wanted to get some background information to the amazing sights and to ride a sagway again. The tour was excellent fun and informative. Highly recommended. Well worth it and great fun

David Plainview, New York


With its wide streets and not being as tourist laden as other European capitals, Zagreb is a great city for a Segway tour. Our guide Anamarija had us whizzing around like Segway pros within minutes and her knowledge of the city and its history made for a wonderful afternoon

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