5.6.2017. Anila on the tour of Zagreb by Segway

Zagreb sightseeing on Segway starts at the Tomislav Square and continues through the Green Horseshoe through the Zrinjevac square up to the Kaptol hill where we paused to make a photo in front of the Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

SCTZ 5.6.2017 (1)

Leaving the angels representing Hope, Faith, Innocence and Humility we continue to the Main square and to the Upper town through the Stone gate… Zagreb sightseeing continues on the St. Mark’s square, the most recognizable church in all Croatia. Posing in front before the next stop at the Funicular…

SCTZ 5.6.2017 (2)

The way back to Downtown brings us to the Flower’s square and the National Theatre. Here is the Well of Life by Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović showing the stages of man’s life from the beginning to the end…

SCTZ 5.6.2017 (3)

Segway City Tour Zagreb bids you a farewell!

Join us again some other time.


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