“Segway Christmas holidays”

Segway Christmas holidays

Although I knew for this attraction from before, I’ve never tried it so far. And when I finally decided to book it, I realized the season is off. Fortunately, they are available during the Advent time. Six of us needed some time to get used to the basic ‘tricks’ our guide showed us, but after that, we got more and more confident as we moved through the city. The snow melted on the streets and we climbed to the St. Marks square without problems. Hmm, the guys whistled many times, I do not know, was it because of 6 of us girls or because they wanted to join us? 🙂 I encourage you to try, it is definitely something. Also, I agree with some other reviewers, Zagreb is beautiful for Christmas holidays. We especially liked the ice skating ring at the King’s Tomislav square.
Visited December 2014

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